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Most of my paintings are acrylic. However, I had the opportunity to learn watercolor from an artist who works primarily in this medium. Of course, the other students tease me about my 3 hair brushes (I love detail), and say that they can tell I'm an acrylic painter based on my style with the watercolors. I'm trying to loosen up my style some, and I have compared to some paintings I've done.

My first watercolor in the class.

The shadowing came from the scan. The paper was wavy from the water used on it. I hadn't taped it down or stretched it, but when it was framed, it was flattened.

A copy of another painting.

This is my loosest of the three and the 2nd painting. I really liked it. Of course, I couldn't resist, but in the grass, there's some individual blades and small rocks that I painted with my tiny brushes. Ditto the two soldiers.

Third watercolor
This one is also a copy of another painting...not exact copy though.