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Updated 6/27/2009
Really, waiting a year to update...not good. Waiting two years, worse!
News:  As of April 2009, I am showing my artwork in a gallery in Parkville, MO (Northland Exposure Art Gallery) and one in Smithville, MO (North Bridge Gallery).
I am a member of the Kansas City Woodcarvers Club and do annual shows with them. This year I won 1st place for Woodburning, human.
I now have my professional art at a new website:  www.akersart.us
And lastly, with Geocities shutting down free sites, I am slowly putting all my scribbles here.

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I'll be adding in some new artwork and links to the professional website I now have. Yes, I'm moving to selling my art online. My artroom is all done and I've been working in it regularly as my daytime job permits. Please visit me at Artspan by searching via my name (Barbara Akers) or go directly to AkersArt.
Me in 2007

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Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.