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Here's a list of links to other web sites that I enjoy.
The first ones are to author's web sites.


Northland Exposure Art Gallery


C.J. Cherryh

Lynn Abbey...the Sanctuary series continues!

Jane Fancher...not prolific, but her stories are engrossing.

Jim Butcher...if you liked Laurell K. Hamilton's series, you'll like this one more. It's funny and consistent. No continuity errors!

Here's a link to a few fanfiction sites. I'm currently into Hercules and Iolaus and the Legendary Journeys series, so these are all centered around that. Some are fanfics, some are livejournal discussions and drabbles. The drabbles are fun. It's amazing how talented some of these people are. They put the show's writers to shame.

The Less Than Legendary Journeys