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Everyone needs an obsession...

Mine is Hercules, The Legendary Journeys.
For a challenge at the Herc-Xena Fuk-q-fest, I got the challenge of Autolycus Steals a Kiss. Well, I had him stealing Hershey Kisses from Iolaus, but the the rules were that it needed to be more sexual, sensual, or something along that line. So I created a 'story' via a series of 3 pictures, two of them inlaid into the main one.
The original sketch was on paper, then I scanned it and colored it on with either Adobe or Painter Classic. I think I used a little of both. The smaller insets were done all on the computer.

Autolycus Steals a Kiss

The next challenge was Iolaus and Hercules, and a lake. I went back to my first love:  graphite sketches.

The Disagreement

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