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Or how I go from sketch to painting...

UgitC, a character in a Pbem
First came the drawing...

The model for this was a woman. I simply tried to make it a little more masculine, lengthened the fingers, added the claws, and when it came time for the small Fey creature to be added, I drew on another resource and altered it to my satisfaction.
Then I scanned it so I could work on what colors I wanted to use. I don't always color the source material, just in this case.

Colored pencil version

The little Fey isn't done yet...face is missing...
...and as soon as I find the jpeg with the complete work...

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This is acrylic on masonite board. The background was splatter technique; fun, but messy. Nobody bothered to tell me I had it all over my face. I found out AFTER I went to the bathroom to wash up. No wonder I got strange looks from the people I passed on the way.

From Point A to Point B, part 2